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Kaban + Plus Journal

Spring Sashiko Workshop

Lesley Roberts


On Saturday, March 25th we hosted our last workshop for the spring season. But don't worry! We were heartened b

y the response and are planning summer classes now! We're grateful to everyone who attended our first workshops and hope you all learned as much from us as we learned from you! The art of mending, patching, and occasionally deconstructing your clothes to create something wholly new and unique is a lifelong practice.

Students brought vintage denim, decade-old tees that needed a bit of TLC, a worn skirt . . . everybody had a special project and a distinct point of view. Some students made pretty embroidery repairs, a few brave souls ripped out seams and recombined parts to create hybrid projects. We hope everyone experienced something worthwhile: learned a few tricks of the trade, exercised their courage, found creative inspiration, or simply relished spending some peaceful time with like-minded women – and some terrific food and coffee!

We worked closely with each student, suggesting material combinations, structural solutions, and on occasion submitting a job to the sewing machine. Traditional handwork is meditative and soulful, but sometimes modern efficiency is called for.

I posted photos of some student handiwork below, and a photo of our welcome kit! Please comment below if you attended and would like to share your thoughts, and let your friends know!