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Levi's with Boro Textiles

Kaban + Plus Journal

Levi's with Boro Textiles

Lesley Roberts

Reconstructed from Vintage Levi 501s Redline Selvedge, these hand-altered boro patch denim pay homage to the origins of indigo, denim, patchwork, and re-use. 

Boro is the term used to describe the Japanese art of mending. The rough translation is "rags or scraps of cloth" and reflects a craft born of necessity: boro was practiced by the lower classes - people who could not afford new clothing, but rather relied on repairing, over and over, existing clothing. According to an article in issue 70 of Selvedge written by Eirlys Penn, boro "encapsulates the Japanese concepts of mottainai (too good to waste) and yuyo-no-bi (the beauty of practicality), along with the spirit of kitsugi (golden joinery)." The entire process is attached through the use of sashiko "little stab" stitching - a technique that combines embroidery with quilting. 

Kaban+ experiments with other reworkings of favorite old Levi's, including fringed seams and inside-out styles. 

Imagined, deconstructed, and reconstructed in Malibu.